A journey begins with the first step in the right direction.
-Proverb from Hawaii

I offer counselling and psychotherapy in German, English and Spanish.

For these situations and these topics I offer you my support and guidance:

  • To wander through transitions, crises, new and different circumstances
  • Support with psychosomatic disorders and other illnesses
  • Identity: who am I – who do I want to be & become
  • Depression, fear, stress 
  • All around “Self”: self-determination, self-efficacy, self-esteem…
  • Dying, death & mourning
  • Discover and explore paths to move on

Individual Therapy

Paths are created by walking them.
-Erich Kästner

Together with you, I would like to

  • Explore your reality
  • Experience new opportunities
  • Search for other points of view and perspectives
  • Explore what you have experienced and find out how to integrate it well into your life
  • Discover how you want to live and how you can get there
  • Create your unique way
  • Walk through your life in dialogue

Group therapy 

No path is too long with someone at your side.
-Japanese proverb

The group is more than the sum of its participants. In the group, more experiences, thoughts, ideas and feedback come together than a single person could come along with. As group therapist I guide you through the process, focusing on ensuring that each individual has a good place and can go their way at their own pace.

In the group you have the opportunity:

  • To experience, recognize and understand and walk together in each others company.
  • To accept, encourage and inspire each other.
  • To feel, discuss and discover in a community.

Ongoing therapy groups 

My focus – my path!

Tuesdays 17:30-20:00 

Further information & registration please per email: